Galaxies Remastered, the official SWG visual revamp project!

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Aug 1, 2015

I've been waiting a long time to announce this project, for the best part of three whole years it was nothing but a great speculation of what SWG could one day rise to and above. And now, finally, with the recent advancements in modding technology, I couldn't be more happy or motivated to tell you that my speculations weren't a waste, they're real...

Galaxies Remastered
Mod the Galaxy's first official major art project dedicated to visually revamping Star Wars Galaxies in it's entirety!

What is Galaxies Remastered?

Galaxies Remastered is a visual remaster of Star Wars Galaxies. Every single model; characters, creatures, wearables (armor & clothing), weapons, props, vehicles, starships, environment (terrain, tree's, foliage, grass, rocks), structures, visual effects, animations and more. If you can see it, we're rebuilding it!
Can you give us an example?

To help demonstrate what kind of outcome we're aiming towards, here's a little teaser.​
Left: SOE's Original Male Nautolan (Implemented in the CU)
Right: Nautolan Female (Work in Progress) by MtG-Violet
So what does this mean for the future of SWG?
It means that players will be able to experience and enjoy a galaxy with a visual quality the game has never seen before. The project is large and arguably as ambitious as redesigning the game under a new engine, but it's developers are determined to push SWG as far off the rails as possible.​
In the future you can expect to see not only the remastered vanilla playable species, but also many (estimated 30+) brand new playable species each designed to a much higher quality and fully integrated into the engine.​
When can we expect any of this to hit public or even beta level release?
We are too early into the planning and early test stages to even consider a fixed point of release, however the aim of this thread is not only to explain the changes coming but also how we will be approaching them. In the coming months you can expect:​
  1. Several sneak peaks of the new visuals in the works.
  2. Twitch Livestreams of remastered 3D assets being created in real-time.
  3. A detailed development roadmap of the entire project, updated on a weekly basis (coming soon).
How will you ever hope to withstand a project of this magnitude?
It doesn't take a genius or common sense to know how complex of a goal this is, that's why we're carefully planning it step by step and we want to share every necessary detail with you. Galaxies Remastered will start at the very base of the game and slowly expand covering more and more content each milestone.​
At the current time we cannot give you all the details since we ourselves do not know them, but rest assured the moment we do, you will as well.We encourage all who are interested to follow our project, we're currently looking for a variety of collaborators with unique skills to help us behind the scenes. Don't worry if you can't offer any technical skills or knowledge, at the very least we would appreciate any feedback and support. After all, this project will one day release to the entire SWGEmu community and all independent servers who should want it! The follow up to this post will reveal further information on the technical aspects of the project.​
Concluding this introductory brief, we're extending an invitation to the official Galaxies Remastered Discord Server. Keep in mind that Galaxies Remastered is a part of Mod the Galaxy and was founded by it's own members, in no way does Galaxies Remastered represent itself as a separate modding community.​
NOTE: This thread is intended to provide official updates and information on the project, as such it has been locked to remain clean of all responses. Feel free to create a thread in the MtG Official Art Forum for any questions or feedback.
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Aug 1, 2015
Production Plan
Research & Development
Being the first team of individuals to pursue this sort of goal, R&D is an extremely important part of the development plan as it would be any project. We're constantly seeking collaborators who have useful knowledge on how the character's and creatures are put together and made to function in SWG's engine. We encourage you to join with us if you can be of any assistance. A reminder that a link to our official Discord server is in the introductary post above this one.​
GR-1.x Species Remastered

The initial stage of the Galaxies Remastered project, release 1.0 will see the revamp of all humanoid base meshes that use the same or a similar skeleton. From here we can establish a stable ground to work from and constantly upgrade if necessary for future releases.​
  • Establishing a higher quality base mesh for all humanoid species, more specifically playable characters and NPC's.
    • Testing the new base mesh in union with the original bone rigs, animations, and skeletal meshes.
    • Creating new morph targets to assist the customization of new and vanilla playable species.

  • Creating a library of new customizable assets for new and current species.
    • New and current head, limb and hairstyle revamps.
    • New and current texture packs and colour palette revamps.

GR-2.x Wearables Remastered
The sequel to the completion of GR-1, once all or a suitable amount of species have been completed and properly tested, they will serve as the base for development on the game's remastered wearables to begin. Wearables are defined as any item of clothing or armor that a playable character or an NPC can equip and wear. The new wearables will be designed to fit the new character species.​
  • Research and development into the customization managers. Examining the mesh targets and achors that determine how clothing is bound to the character without clipping and allowing full customization to the player.
    • Improving the current customization pillars and allowing more freedom and variety to the player with the construction of new wearable mechanics.

  • Creating new armor and clothing for the characters never before seen in SWG and to the same unique quality promised in all of our milestones.
    • Details coming soon...
GR-3.x Creatures Remastered

  • Reconstructing every creature in the vanilla game and remastering their 3D meshes, textures, and creating dynamic.
    • Testing the new meshes in union with the original bone rigs, animations, and skeletal meshes.

  • Creating new or different variations in the game's current library of creatures.

GR-4.x Remastered Skeletal Meshes, Bone Rigs, Animations and Vehicles

  • Research and development into the game's animations, rigs, and skeletal mesh structures.
    • Upgrading our remastered characters and creatures to accomodate a brand new set of skeletal meshes.

  • Creating a brand new library of bone rigs and animations to match. Adding new visuals and motions that enhance all corners of gameplay!
    • Rebuilding on current combat animations and adding new.
    • Rebuilding emotes, improving roleplayer and social interaction, adding new emotes.
    • Rebuilding all vehicle and mount models and animations.

GR-5.x and beyond are currently too far down the development pipeline, more details will be provided post release of Sytner's World Builder (SWB) and Jump to Lightspeed (JtL).
GR-5.x Environments, Planets and Terrain.
  • Research and development into the game's handling of environments.
    • Upgrading the terrain, density and scale of all planets.
    • Adding new planets never before seen in SWG. Remastering current worlds overall.
    • Creating aa new library of 2D and 3D environmental assets such as trees, grass, rocks, sky templates, water, weather particle effects etc.
    • Designing new structures, architecture and remastering vanilla designs.
    • New texture packs and visual improvements overall.

GR-6.x Starships and Space Remastered

  • Details coming soon...
DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this post is always subject to change but will be updated on a weekly basis.


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Aug 1, 2015
Development Team

Project Lead - Violet
Oversees the direction and vision of all development and ensures the project stays on track.​
Lead Artist - Violet
In charge of creating and reviewing any and all art assets 2D or 3D that go through the pipeline and makes sure they are up to the standard expected. Also responsible for creating and maintaining a stable art style that fits Star Wars Galaxies' new and current theme.​

Technical Artist - Borrie BoBaka, Phoenix
Assists all artists with integrating their work into the game engine. Passing all assets through SIE/SWB and packing them into the game's .tre files for use and testing.​
Tech Engineers - Sytner, Phoenix
The programming masterminds that made all of this possible. Working closely together with the artists to ensure the quality and performance of their design tools meets expectations. This usually includes unpublished early releases of SIE and SWB.​
In the future we MAY be recruiting people who are capable of fulfilling key roles and to help speed up the production of the project. If you're interested, please join the project discord and speak to Violet.

NOTE: Artists will undergo a series of tests to ensure they can reproduce the style and quality we expect. At the current state and time we're not really looking for new artists as it's too early and we're still planning things.

* = Position is in high demand.
  • *Programmer (C#, C++, .LUA, Python)
  • *SIE Engineer (Experienced with SIE and SWG's file structure)
  • Weapons Artist
  • Environment Artist
  • Vehicle Artist
  • Misc, Objects and Props Artist
  • Texture Artist
  • Animator
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