Planetary Theme Expansion

Jan 25, 2013
With much help from Timbab would like to say, I would like to release the "Planetary Theme Expansion" Mod, what this mod does is give all those planets that use "generic themes" their very own unique theme instead, as I never understood how just a few odd planets didn't have their own music and some others did. The music ranges from the Kotor games and music from the original trilogy of star wars, best matched up to the planets as possible, for dantooine, the kotor dantooine theme, on Talus I decided to go for a very imperial theme, as the planet is imperial controlled and contains various imperial bases and structures etc. As for Yavin, the jungle theme from kotor 2 along with the force theme from star wars as its classic star wars location from the movies. I was going to decide to do Rori, but I have yet to find a suitable theme, so when I do, this thread will be updated, im open to suggestions!

To install, simply download this package and extract the folders from it. paste all those folders into your SWGEmu directory and your set.


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Oct 6, 2010
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Awesome! :)

I checked out the .mp3's and saw that Rori is missing, intentional?
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