Project Tarquinas [Vanilla++ Enhanced World Gameplay]


Borrie BoBaka
Mar 16, 2014
Introducing Project Tarquinas

An effort to create the best Vanilla++ SWGEmu Server
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What is Project Tarquinas?
"Project Tarquinas", or "Tarquinas" (named for one of the first servers of SWG live) is a small project aimed at creating the most engaging Vanilla++ server for SWGEmu. Many Vanilla++ servers often offer the original experience of SWG with a number of quality of life improvements, many of which might be considered more of a "cheat" than an improvement of the gameplay itself. Project Tarquinas accepts the fact that SWG is not an "MMO" anymore; but rather an incredibly expansive multiplayer game that has the capability of being far deeper and more expansive than ever. Rather than simply offer quality of life improvements, or just integrating NGE Content into SWGEmu, Tarquinas looks to create new gameplay, immersion, and depth to the existing game, without altering the game's fundamental mechanics other than a few minor and unobtrusive balancing changes.

Why Project Tarquinas?
Have you ever wanted to play SWG casually, but still wanted to progress and explore? Have you ever felt like SWG is nothing more than constant lair destroy missions in between the occasional dungeon run? Have you ever felt like crafting could have more depth than simply grinding to the top and creating the same four or five items? Have you ever wished your actions made some sort of impact on the galaxy as a whole? If so, Tarquinas may be the server project for you.

What Tarquinas aims to provide
Project Tarquinas is geared toward answering five major problems about Star Wars Galaxies' overall experience.

1. Replace the Destroy Mission game loop with something more engaging and interactive.
Tarquinas will integrate a new mission system that is inspired by 1999's Anarchy Online, where missions will take you to locations that have certain objectives you must complete to achieve victory. Modify the settings of your missions to change the flavor of the adventure. Achieve pacifism through stealth missions that focus on locating people or items of interest. Slice or bash down doors to hunt down targets within a compound. With the modified mission system in Tarquinas, even more mission types are possible.

2. Crafting should be more about industry, inventing, and evolving than grinding and providing.
Tarquinas offers to create a more engaging gameplay loop for crafters. By performing changes such as allowing factories to take on multiple tasks, or giving the crafting stations the ability to be miniature factories unto themselves. Concessions that allow for greater advertising, like purchasable billboards in cities. Changing the way experience is gained for crafters by focusing it on a research schematic that asks for items instead of repetitively grinding certain items. Allow crafters to get involved with the Galactic Civil War, by crafting munitions and gear to increase that faction's ability in battle. Most importantly, a strong emphasis on customization of what the crafter is creating. Customize the attributes of weapons and armor by mixing and matching components. Why create just another DL-44 when you can create your own special kind of gun? Why create someone else's spice when you can create your own with custom buff values?

3. The Entertainer should be more than just something to do Away From Keyboard
The entertainer is a defining role in the Star Wars Galaxies experience. As time has gone on, however, the entertainer cannot provide anything more unique than the other from a gameplay perspective. Tarquinas offers to give Entertainers a version of their buff system from SWG live, which allows Entertainers to offer a buff set that might be different from others. Additionally, a meta-gameplay loop of keeping the party going and rolling in the cantina can make being an entertainer more involved than just playing a tune or dancing for the audience. Rewards and goals make it so that entertainers don't have to rely solely on the tips of their customers, and gives them the boon of great and plentiful buffs of varying effects for everyone to be treated.

4. The Galactic Civil War should be more than a game of tug of war.
PvP is fun in SWG, but costly, and difficult. Modern MMOs have addressed the issue of PvP with battlefields that buff their players and are little more than a separate gameplay experience altogether. Rather than rely on the amount of bases a planet might have at any given time, Tarquinas looks to make the gameplay of war a bit more involved. What if every mission you did for your faction made their path to victory on that planet a little easier? What if attacking a random camp out in the wild hurt the occupying force? What if you could reinforce your faction's presense by placing a base, instead of simply adding to the amount of targets the enemy must hit to win? With all of this, Tarquinas looks to add a battle system that will utilize a mixture of the modern conquest gameplay with SWG-enabled elements like buildable defenses, strategy, and AI. Additionally, Tarquinas wishes to reduce the punishment one faces when killed in combat with another player.

5. Jedi should not be just another class, but a different path to play.
There are many who say Jedi killed Star Wars Galaxies. There are some servers who forgo the Jedi element of SWG, or bring Jedi down to the level of others. Tarquinas wishes to make Jedi more powerful by enabling the ability to take every single skill box of the Publish 9 Jedi. But, it is agreed that the vanilla implementation of Jedi is a poor one. Tarquinas' answer to this is to redirect the purpose of being a Jedi. Being a Force User opens up a new path for you to follow. While you can use your powers to assist the Galactic Civil War, or venture into dangerous places, they have their own goals and needs to meet that are different from others. Force Users must grow and maintain their power, assist their respective order, keep a low profile, bond or betray others, and unlock the secrets of the Force. In war, Jedi are treated more like heroes in Star Wars: Battlefront, whereas their main focus will be to protect their order, grow their power, and keep or destroy the balance of the Force.

Development & Availability
Tarquinas began design and development in August 2021, and is being worked on with the hopes of an opening before November 2021. Content developers and moderators will be sought out on Discord. Despite these grand plans, Tarquinas' plans are achieved through a small handful of systems which have already been conceptualized and designed. Tarquinas is not planned to be as large or grandiose as other servers, but to offer the vanilla experience with a few key changes to help deepen the game and offer a more satisfying game to play.

How can I help?
The biggest thing Tarquinas needs to help flourish are two of the following:
  1. Individuals who are interested in mapping out dungeon spawns, traps, puzzles, and boss designs.
  2. Individuals who are experienced and well versed in the vanilla balancing of the game and its gameplay.
Final Statement: For the good of all SWGEmu

It is not the only goal of Tarquinas to create an interesting server. It is also the goal of Tarquinas to try new ideas to address some of the more pressing concerns and issues with Star Wars Galaxies, as well as looking to see what new kinds of gameplay we can introduce. As such, for the good of this community, every idea, piece of content, dungeon, and system will be open for all to use in their own servers. Let Tarquinas find out if these ideas work, and if they do, please feel free to adapt them to bring more life to this beloved game. If you create any content for Tarquinas, do not hesitate to use it elsewhere should you feel the desire to. We're all in this together.
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