.trn file purpose/descriptions.

Dec 8, 2011
drdax said:
Ok update from the #n00BTerrainGuy

found a primer guide at swganh Wiki..helps actually....

so now I have created a palm tree grove, a hill and a cluster of rocks next to my first WS scene build in progress..... wohoo baby steps !

it's true, trial and error is the teacher, and crasher of the off line client too :)

If you haven't tried it, it's like carving a bar of soap into a shape- using layers to carve out land flora mass -shaping it ..it's really too fun.

ok to the serious note:  having the nextgen tool to world build would be really appreciated and accelerate new planets and content.  Working on Skaradosh now and I guess i will take a few months part time to flesh it out and release.  I think half of that time will be in the .TRN file

I have a lot of questions, but will play around more before I ask.. thanks all for the current tools and posts here !
Hey Drax. Could you post a link to that guide? I think I'd find it very interesting.  I tried editing trn files before and just couldnt figure it out :(