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  1. Borrie BoBaka

    Borrie's Slot Definition File Editor 1.0

    This tool allows you to open, edit, and save slot_definition.iff files. HOW TO USE: Open a slot definition file, and click on the definition you wish to edit on the left side list. You can then edit the attributes of the slot on the fly. Save the file when you're done. INSTALLATION: Extract...
  2. Borrie BoBaka

    Borrie's Appearance (APT) Factory 1.0

    APT Files, also known as Appearance Template Redirector files, "Appearance" files allow the game to point to either a LOD or MSH File for static, non skeletal meshes for objects to reference. For every new mesh that is created in SWG, an APT file must be provided for it to work in-game. Creating...
  3. Borrie BoBaka

    Borrie's String File Amender 1.0

    This tool was created to allow for quick and easy amending of strings to STF files in bulk, rather than having to add one string at a time. This also makes it easier to merge string files by providing a list of strings that need to be added to an existing file. HOW TO USE: Paste or manually...
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