1. Borrie BoBaka

    Borrie's String File Amender 1.0

    This tool was created to allow for quick and easy amending of strings to STF files in bulk, rather than having to add one string at a time. This also makes it easier to merge string files by providing a list of strings that need to be added to an existing file. HOW TO USE: Paste or manually...
  2. algebuckina

    Le Repair Droid to HK-47 0.1

    I found HK-47 in the MTG tre files a few years ago and wanted to add him to precu swg somehow. I finally got around to doing so. I'll be continuing to add new dialogue as time goes on and get the sound working. The mod replaces all the Le rapair droid files with the following HK-47 ones: new...
  3. Borrie BoBaka

    Object Path Converter Tool

    Download Here Converts a string copied from a TRE Editor (like SIE) into a usable command as an admin on a server for SWGEmu. TRE Editors will display the client side path, which contains the prefix "shared_" whereas the server references files without the prefix. This simply removes it from...
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