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Jul 1, 2024
I'm a bit behind as the title might suggest, I dabbled a very small amount with modding SWG back in the day, IE used some, but never really got into making them, fast forward a bit and now I've had a good 10+ years of programming under my belt and found interest in rebuilding a private hybrid pre-cu server with post nge items, etc.

Anyway, I've got the server up, and I've been dabbling with the server side code, and started to see that I need to make client side changes, I've got a bit of an idea on how to add the items, but I need to add the models back into my TRE files, at least I think I do...

I'm looking for someone that might be willing to help me get a better understanding of the client side work I need to do. One of the simpler tasks is to alter the max skill points visible in the skill tree window, past that add saber hilts into the model files.

I don't expect someone to do it for me, I just need someone that's willing to help teach me. Albeit I'm willing to work with others if they're interested too.

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