Apr 22, 2014
Hello, been a few years, but Im back helping out a server once more!

Is there a blender version of the all_b.skt? I need a way to paint weights onto new items and I need the skeleton to do that. If anyone can slide me a usable copy of the skeleton or any other way to help me out, I have a ton of wearable things to bring into the game. I can already get them into the game and characters can wear them... but they float around the model instead of attach to the character.

ANY HELP is greatly appreciated.

heres a guy with Obi Wans chestplate, but when he walks, the plate follows him around instead of being on him. it has armor stats, is equippable and everything. all I need is for it to attach.

a new .mgn import/export would be a dream.. but Im making it work I suppose without one.



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Dec 1, 2016
There is no usable copy of the skeleton for blender because soe used maya and maya know 3 way of rotation, while blender only have 2.
What you describe sounds like the bonewheigt is wrong bound ( as a example when all boneweight is bound to ellbow or such )
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