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Jun 22, 2020
Black Watch (BW) a Neutral - Rebel Guild is now recruiting! Varsia is a research city based in the South West corner of Tatooine where we have crafting houses available to all guildmates. We are currently looking for a Doctor to set up buffs in the city, as well as a guild Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, and any interested players who would like to find a new SWG home. Send message in-game to Phsyco, Wowakan, or Ako for more info!

  1. To get started first check out the launcher-info channel. Once that is completed head over to account-creation channel and get your new account set up. Look over the new additions to the server on the custom-content channel. Some tips for new players to the server: Make sure to migrate stats while on the space station immediately after you create your toon, otherwise you will need to find an image designer in game. Make sure to group up as XP is increased from 5x to 7x for non Jedi and 2x to 3x for Jedi. (This is for combat professions) Say hi and introduce yourself in the general channel (edited)

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