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Naboo Housing Windows by rosuto 2018-11-20

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"Pretty much I'm just putting this out there to get some feedback and maybe more ideas.

Added windows to the following buildings

1) Naboo Small 1
2) Naboo Small 2
3) Naboo Medium
4) Naboo Large
5) Naboo Guild Hall
6) Naboo City Hall"

This is a tre upload of the original mod by rosuto.
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5.00 star(s) 3 ratings

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Latest reviews

Always liked this mod. Wish the author would've done the other housing styles, too. Also showed how inconsistent SOE was with interiors vs exteriors and the two matching.
Good to see it was uploaded. You might want to specify it's in a tre.
It is specified in the overview
This little mod has always been a must-have for me. While it is a shame that it removes some of the detailing of the windows themselves, being able to see out and in opens the world up in ways you'd never imagine. This is a top tier mod, and shows what can be possible in the future.
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