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[New Feature] Lockable/Unlockable Toolbar Buttons 1.01

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[Added] - New button side of toolbar.
- Button features U & L icon, signifying toolbar buttons are locked or unlocked
- While locked it won't accept input from commands/macros/game objects for new items.

[Installation Instructions]
1: Download file
2: Extract folder somewhere accessible.
3: Grab file from inside folder called "" and copy it.
4: Find your swgemu game folder and if there isn't a ui folder, create it.
5: Paste file in that folder.
6: Start game and enjoy new feature!

1: Put all your icons on toolbar you need. Macros/Commands/Items.
2: Click button so it shows a L icon. This will lock it and make is so you can't drag off anything on toolbar.
3: Press again so that it shows a U for unlocked.
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Latest updates

  1. [Updated] Fixes + Changes

    [Fixed] - Drag/Drop Issue [Modified] - UI element locations [Updated] - New Locked/Unlocked Icons

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This mod is amazing, I however don't really need the lock function.. Just love the clickable buttons... Think this could be further modded to get rid of that? and possibly offset the numbers by +1 so they show 1-6?
Such joy for so many. Thank you!
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