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Skeleton Importer for 3DS max 1.0

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I'm using 3DSMAX 2009 this works well. I had to modify the Root Z axis rotation on the script, to get it to match up with the majority of the models that I imported with FatDuck's/Rosuto's SWG .mgn Model Importer, however this doesn't always work out with every model and it's bone set, like the Krayt Dragon and it's designated "lizard_giant.skt". The Z axis seems to be different on some skeletons, likely due to their size; was possibly done this way for the animations?
We'll blame SOE either way.

It's simply just a matter of rotating the Z Axis at the "world" origin +/- 90 degrees, until it matches up with the model you imported. no big deal.

This is an excellent script.
Thank you, sir.
nice share
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