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You can save your progress on all your characters to see at a glance without endlessly logging in and trying to remember what character is what. Else you can experiment with various builds and set a goal so you don't waste time on a tree to end up abandoning it. As you can see it looks pretty much exactly like in game default UI.

DotNet 4.5 Framework required.

Things not fully implemented yet:
Jedi is all wrong still. I never had a Jedi so I was winging it and failed hard.
Tic the help box and the tooltips show a description of the skills. BUT, only a few skills in Artisan are done.
I was not happy with the setup for those, so had to rethink my idea.


I don't have any nag screens, no limits, no donation button or anything like that. You get the full app with nothing bothering it's function.

If you feel inclined to donate for my work and continued work feel free to send $ to my PayPal and send it as friends and family so PayPal doesn't take a chunk.

Otherwise I can take a bank transfer through at
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