1. HelmedRaven

    Wacky Flailing Inflatable Exotic Dancer 1.0

    Bored of watching the same slow dancing entertainers to get your wounds healed and your mind buffed? Well, get your mind healed and your wounds buffed with this mod. This increases the speed of the high armed exotic dance's main idle animation to give a new explosive cheer to your local cantina...
  2. HelmedRaven

    [Resource] Anim Name / ANS File Lookup List

    In SWG, the game has an internal name list for animations denoted within the LAT file for the species that is animating. This internal name does not always match the file name found in the animation folder. If you're looking to reference animations to play on a character or NPC, here is a lookup...
  3. algebuckina

    Very Nice bank terminals 1.0

    This is a useless mod that I used to prove a point.
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