1. algebuckina

    Bob Ross Paintings beta 0.1

    This has been a while in the making (or about a second in MTG timeline) But here is the 1st release of a mod I will be developing as I grow more accustom to how the SWG client works. In short, the mod changes every landscape painting in the vanilla tre files to either a Bob Ross painting, a...
  2. Violet

    Galaxies Remastered Art Gallery

    A little dry but it's a start! Tons more teasers, works in progress, and cheeky sneak-peeks are coming very very soon! Please keep all questions and feedback constructive and appropriate. Female Nautolan Head Base Work currently in progress by Violet
  3. Violet

    Galaxies Remastered, the SWG visual remaster project!

    Greetings! I've been waiting a long time to announce this project, for the best part of three whole years it was nothing but a great speculation of what SWG could one day rise to and above. And now, finally, with the recent advancements in modding technology, I couldn't be more happy or...