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To create striking and atmospheric scenes in level design, one needs to be able to utilize customized and specific lighting. SWG is capable of extensive lighting options, but every light needs to be created as a file before it can be implemented into a scene. This pack introduces new lighting objects that allow the selection of 595 colors, at four distinct ranges and intensities (2m, 4m, 8m, and 16m), both with a static and tangible object option, to be used quickly by builders in-server, or in world snapshot editing.

All light objects are invisible, however an additional mod is included that can be placed locally on a developer's client to allow that developer to see and manipulate light positions easily without detracting from the quality of the scene.

This is a SERVER-SIDE mod, meaning you cannot use this mod if you are not operating your own server.

You will need to integrate the "CLIENT FILES" into your TRE repository. Simply create a new TRE with the files inside, and add the entries found in "object_crc.txt" to your "misc/object_template_crc_string_table.iff" file.

Afterwards, add the Lua files found in "SERVER FILES" to your server's core3 "bin/scripts/object" folder. AVOID OVERWRITING YOUR SERVEROBJECTS AND OBJECTS LUA files! Instead, you'll want to merge the contents of these files with the pre-existing files found already in that folder.

By default, lights are invisible. Place the files within "DEVELOPER FILES" into your client like a standard mod, and all lights will have a white glowing diamond where they're placed to make it easier to see and manipulate the light files.

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  1. Updated to Version 1.1

    PATCH 1.1: -Fixed an issue with certain characters in color names causing problems with Lua.
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