1. Borrie BoBaka

    Borrie's FLR Collision Editor 1.1

    This tool allows you to edit 'FLR' files, which is the format used to handle collision data for structures and complex objects that have specific mesh-based collision data. This can range from gates, bridges, platforms, POBs, and much more. Because of the unique way collisions are formatted in...
  2. Borrie BoBaka

    Borrie's Dark Interiors 0.5

    Shall we dim the lights? Sometimes a darker interior allows for setting a more atmospheric mood. Be it creepy, enigmatic, seductive, or somber. Every interior within SWG is adequately lit, making it difficult for designers to set the tone for a scene that they might want. It's difficult to set...
  3. Borrie BoBaka

    Borrie's Naboo Structure Pack 1.0

    While working on creating new planets and revisiting existing planets in Dark Rebellion, I have become a bit dismayed at the lack of variety for the structures provided. Particularly, Naboo has a very one-note when it comes to its building designs. Every building has a roof covered in patina...
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