While working on creating new planets and revisiting existing planets in Dark Rebellion, I have become a bit dismayed at the lack of variety for the structures provided. Particularly, Naboo has a very one-note when it comes to its building designs. Every building has a roof covered in patina, and each building's interior is decorated with red. Trying to decorate around the red in-game can be frustrating, and when looking at other sources of media showcasing Naboo, it is very evident that clean-copper roofs are very common in Naboo's cities.

This pack offers two distinct variations for certain structures. The first set is a pack of nearly every vanilla structure with the roof replaced with a copper roof, instead of the classic patina green. Inside these structures, where applicable, is a mint-green/teal interior design. A second set of structures (primarily just houses with colored interiors) offers a deep blue style that is reminicient of Pre-Palpatine Coruscant decor.

This is a SERVER-SIDE mod, meaning you cannot use this mod if you are not operating your own server.

You will need to integrate the "CLIENT FILES" into your TRE repository. Simply create a new TRE with the files inside, and add the entries found in "object_crc_list.txt" to your "misc/object_template_crc_string_table.iff" file.

Afterwards, add the Lua files found in "SERVER FILES" to your server's core3 "bin/scripts/object" folder. AVOID OVERWRITING YOUR SERVEROBJECTS AND OBJECTS LUA files! Instead, you'll want to merge the contents of these files with the pre-existing files found already in that folder.

NOTE! This mod does not include any schematics, deeds, or methods to place the structures in this pack. I often do not add these to my mods because I would prefer to leave it up to the server owners to decide how these assets are used. Should they be craftable? Lootable? Found on the black market? It's up to you!

Additionally, the player houses provided in this mod do not have any player housing stats like maintenance, lot count, or sign positions. You can simply copy over the data from the pre-existing Naboo houses if you wish, as the structures are positionally identical to their originals.

Brought to you by Dark Rebellion RP
Borrie BoBaka

You'll no doubt want to include these files as part of your server's distributed TRE files. If you use these files in your server, credit toward me and/or my server is appreciated!
Borrie BoBaka
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