1. Aeryna

    Echo Base Themepark [Coruscant, Taanab and Hoth needed] updated 4-16-2021

    This is my complete Echo Base Themepark to share with the MtG Community. Difficulty: ++++ || Don't know what to do with that shity place plenty of bugs and void??. Don't look any further! || Updated 4-16-2021: * Now the elevators from this old base won't work if you're being attacked...
  2. Aeryna

    Icetromper beast for Planet Hoth

    One day i got an idea and i made it happen to fill my planet Hoth. This is my beast for Hoth. It looks like the Tulrus [Mustafar] but it's more aggressive and trampler, like a big makloc. Now i have their lairs and their spawns around the planet. icetromper_young (no baby) icetromper_male...
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