1. veaseomat

    Saber Blades by Veaseomat 1.1

    Mod: Saber Blades Author: Veaseomat Description: This changes the blades and cores to appear fuller and reduce the fat/skinny portion of the blades slightly. Also adjusted the brightness/contrast of each of the 4 blades/cores individually to give a slight "flicker" effect like the movies.
  2. HelmedRaven

    Borrie's Lightsaber Pike 1.0

    This implements a Lightsaber pike that uses the Lightsaber polearm animations and role. It is simply a new flavor for the polearm Lightsaber type, made famous by things like the Shadow Guard from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and Senya from Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen...
  3. HelmedRaven

    Borrie's Better Lightsabers ft. Revan Dark 1.0

    Sometimes the simple weight of the weapon you're using can mean all the difference to a game's feel. These hilts, both new and adapted from a fantastic mod for JKA by Revan Dark in 2005, brings that weight to the Lightsabers of the game by giving them high detail meshes. CREDITS: Type 1...
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