Borrie's Better Lightsabers ft. Revan Dark

Borrie's Better Lightsabers ft. Revan Dark 1.0

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Sometimes the simple weight of the weapon you're using can mean all the difference to a game's feel. These hilts, both new and adapted from a fantastic mod for JKA by Revan Dark in 2005, brings that weight to the Lightsabers of the game by giving them high detail meshes.

Type 1 (Anakin): Revan Dark
Type 2 (Andael): Borrie BoBaka
Type 3 (Ben): Revan Dark
Type 4 (Dugald): Borrie BoBaka
Type 5 (Leather): Borrie BoBaka
Type 6 (Luke): Revan Dark
Type 7 (Windu): Revan Dark
Type 8 (Nebu): Borrie BoBaka
Type 9 (Obi-Wan): Revan Dark
Type 10 (Qui-Gon): Revan Dark
Type 11 (Sleek Black): Borrie BoBaka
Type 12 (Sleek Silver): Borrie BoBaka
Type 13 (Vader): Revan Dark
Polearm Type 1: Borrie BoBaka
Polearm Type 2: Borrie BoBaka

Revan Dark Models sourced from JKA Mod: Academy/Models/Weapons/Packs/46744/

Models made by Borrie BoBaka were custom modeled and textured from scratch for this mod.


Before / After

For full Album of Blade Modification, and a better look at the mod in game, check out this album!
Click Here for Full Album of Close-up shots of the Blade and Lightsaber
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