mod tool

  1. algebuckina

    Mod Manager for SWGEmu 0.1 pre-release

    This is the offical Mod The Galaxy Mod Manager. Features Easily enables and disables mods Imports TRE files to a mod folder Displays mods in the mod folder Reads swgemu_live.cfg file Launches game Let users choose mod order Writing to swgemu_live.cfg Making a new cfg, mod.cfg, and writing to...
  2. Borrie BoBaka

    [Utinni Plugin] Borrie's Object Spawner 1.0

    Tired of searching for objects in the repository in SIE, just to copy the path, remove the "shared" part of the file name just to spawn an object in the server? No more! This Object Spawner Plugin puts a Object Repository browser right into Utinni, based off the Object Browser in The Jawa...
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