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[Utinni Plugin] Borrie's Object Spawner 1.0

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Tired of searching for objects in the repository in SIE, just to copy the path, remove the "shared" part of the file name just to spawn an object in the server? No more!

This Object Spawner Plugin puts a Object Repository browser right into Utinni, based off the Object Browser in The Jawa Toolset. Find objects within their nested categories, and double click to automatically spawn the object with the "/object createitem" command which is built into all SWGEmu servers by default!

Can never find that one particular object? No more need to search through every subfolder and category to find it! The search command will browse through all objects and show you every single object that contains the word you searched for, regardless of what folder they're in!

Not sure what it is you're spawning? Preview the name by clicking the Preview Name button to make your character whisper the name of the object you've selected! (Only works for certain items.)

This plugin will significantly cut down the time you spend searching for objects if you do any sort of decoration or moderation that requires system generated objects. It requires no server side installation, and works right out of the box.

This plugin is entirely client side, and requires no server code to be installed. To install, download Utinni located at, and drag and drop the "Plugins" folder into Utinni's directory. Everything will install itself appropriately.

This plugin utilizes the built in object command that is intended only for administrators on a server of a certain level. This plugin will not spawn any objects unless you have the right to do so on said server.

Borrie BoBaka
Timbab (For Object Browser design & code)

Borrie BoBaka
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