1. eqsanctum

    Swoop To Barc v1

    Unless otherwise noted, all files uploaded by me are the originals in all their content and un-tampered with included credit links (you should be aware they are original, so they may not work) This WILL break all instances of the barc if a server has barcs enabled. Name: Swoop To Barc What it...
  2. algebuckina

    Loading Screen Dad Jokes 1.0

    Do you already know what a Peko Peko is? Or how to use your in game light, well this mod is for you! It replaces all the loading screen tips and information with terrible Dad jokes. From bad puns, to insults, to blonde jokes. Here are some examples: The download file contains both a .tre...
  3. algebuckina

    Very Nice bank terminals 1.0

    This is a useless mod that I used to prove a point.
  4. algebuckina

    SWGEmu CU GUI Mod 1.4

    All info can be found in the original thread. Originally by kayliaah.