1. R

    SWG Portal importer script for 3DS max 1

    That script imports portals from *.pob files version 0004 (but that are 98% of the files) With that and the floor-importer it is possible to create new appearance for existing structures and pob ships. Black Sun AEG-77 Vigo Gunship portals as example
  2. Borrie BoBaka

    Real Windows for Naboo Player Buildings 1.0

    This is a reupload of a wonderful mod by Rosuto, posted originally in 2013 here on the forums: https://modthegalaxy.com/index.php?threads/naboo-player-buildings.177/ This mod adds windows that can be looked through to the following buildings: 1) Naboo Small 1 2) Naboo Small 2 3) Naboo Medium...
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