Real Windows for Naboo Player Buildings

Real Windows for Naboo Player Buildings 1.0

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This is a reupload of a wonderful mod by Rosuto, posted originally in 2013 here on the forums:

This mod adds windows that can be looked through to the following buildings:

1) Naboo Small 1
2) Naboo Small 2
3) Naboo Medium
4) Naboo Large
5) Naboo Guild Hall
6) Naboo City Hall

While the window display may be a bit basic in comparison to the original opaque textures, these windows really bring the outside in, and help make the world feel much more interconnected, which, in my opinion, outweighs any negative aspect about this mod.

Notice: This does not require any server modifications to operate. This mod is entirely client side. Objects may not appear through the windows until you physically enter the space, as this is how the game operates to keep your framerate high and your lag down.
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