utinni plugin

  1. HelmedRaven

    [Utinni Plugin] Borrie's Language Lexicon 1.0

    Inspired by similar mods for Neverwinter Nights & World of Warcraft, the Language Lexicon Plugin will take in any message and convert it to the language filter of your choosing. With the customizable prefix field, you can start talking Bothese, Huttese, or even Mando'a into spatial, group or...
  2. HelmedRaven

    [Utinni Plugin] TJT Server Object Editor 1.0

    The powerful Utinni made by Timbab at ModTheGalaxy.com, paired with The Jawa Toolset (TJT) by the same developer allows for the inclusion of gizmos to manipulate objects in Star Wars Galaxies, among many other things. This plugin allows you to target objects that are owned by the server, such as...