[Utinni Plugin] Borrie's Language Lexicon

[Utinni Plugin] Borrie's Language Lexicon 1.0

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Inspired by similar mods for Neverwinter Nights & World of Warcraft, the Language Lexicon Plugin will take in any message and convert it to the language filter of your choosing. With the customizable prefix field, you can start talking Bothese, Huttese, or even Mando'a into spatial, group or even guild chat! The species languages, like Mon Calamari and Dosh use the exact same filters as Star Wars Galaxies does to create these custom languages. However, Mando'a and Huttese will replace words with their proper counterpart as defined by Wookieepedia, giving your speech an accurate flair, valuable for roleplaying or just messing around. There are also several functions that allow you to speak as though you're drunk (including dynamic 'hiccups' into your chat!), reverse your speech, sound as if you're breaking up in a transmission, or scramble your speech entirely. Not satisfied with what's available? Create your own languages with ease, with no need for a server update.

Included Languages/Filters:
-Basic (No changes)
-Huttese (Lite) (Lite means only a third of your words are replaced)
-Mando'a (Lite)
-Mon Calamari

This plugin is entirely client side, and requires no server code to be installed. Use this from your own server or even Basilisk. To install, download Utinni located at ModTheGalaxy.com, and drag and drop the "Plugins" folder into Utinni's directory. Everything will install itself appropriately. Then, once inside, access the "Borrie's Language Lexicon - Controls" at the top left.

Simply copy one of the language XML files inside of the Language Subfolder of the plugin and name it something unique. Then, open the file in any word processor program and alter what you want. An example language file exists in the Example folder of this plugin's zip file that contains all functionality.
Things you can change:
Mode: Includes modes for Reversed, Drunk, Stutter, Lite, Transmission, Sarcastic, and Scramble
Alphabet: Change how you want each letter to be portrayed
Replacer: use 'origin' attribute to denote the word you want replaced, and 'new' to denote the word to replace it with. You can have multiple origin words point to the same new word, but you should only have one origin word per language
Doubler: define a letter, and the minimum amount of times and maximum amount of times you want it to repeat when spoken. This is used in the Lizard language to make every 's' exaggerated and long, at random intervals.

This plugin does not handle packets nor any direct communication with the server. It is only communicating by sending commands through chat.

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