Abi's Flooring Pack


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Dec 24, 2017
Houston, TX
I created a flooring pack of wood floorings, tile floorings and metal floorings for Empire in Flames and I figured I'd share it if anyone else would like you use it as well. There are 78 tile variations, 19 wood variations, and 25 metal variations. The files are designed so that multiples of the same pattern will join together almost seamlessly. Just be sure to give me credit wherever you do so on your site/launcher/whatever.

Included are both client and server files for the tangible objects - you are on your own for schematics if you want them.

ETA: You also need to do your own strings entries for these. I'm lazy about strings.


Special thanks to Timbab for all the random tools he has made to make this easier than it should have been.


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