Add more animations to the most powerful melee attacks so they are not so repetitive.


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Oct 24, 2020
Greetings. hope you are all doing great.

Just had an idea come up to my mind which i think would be a great improvement for the game.

As you may all know, the combat system is beautiful and attacks have great animations, but it all comes down to repeating the same attack when fighting in the game.

If you want to kill several npcs or fighting several people in pvp, you would be smashing the most powerful area attack for your characters skill.
If you are fighting a single target the same, most powerful single target attack.
Or if you are focusing on one specific HAM, will smash that leg hit / head hit / body hit attack...

What if for example: leg hit 1 has 1 animation, leg hit 2 has leg hit 1 and 2 in a random sequence, and leg hit 3 has 3 different animations in a random sequence.
Same applies for other stat pool attacks.

Then, for lightsbaers for example, polearm dearvish is the most damaging area attack for doulebladed lightsabers, what if it mixes up saber spin attack 1 / 2 and 3 animations on that same attack, again, on a randomized sequence.

one hand saber hit 3 may also be the most used for single saber fights, therefore it would be great to add several different animations to hit, perhaps more than just one hand saber hit 1 / 2 / 3...

This may be a lot of work or perhaps not so much, but if done right, it think it would greatly improve combat animations in the game, and we wont have to see the same exact animation getting cut off midway constantly, thus making combat look bugged or boring.

I am master pikeman so would be willing to start with those animations. If someone can help me to do the work with polearm_hit_3 I will the repeat the process for every other attack in the game.

Thanks in advance

Let me know what yall think about this...