attempted to index nil value


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Mar 23, 2016

I added the NGE vehicles. I used the scripts that I have used before. For some reason, I get this error for every file I added on core startup:

[Lua] ERROR - file:scripts/object/intangible/vehicle/barc_speeder_pcd.lua ERROR scripts/object/intangible/vehicle/barc_speeder_pcd.lua:44: attempt to index a nil value (global 'object_intangible_vehicle_shared_barc_speeder_pcd')

All of the PCDs, Deeds, and objects. The tre file on the server contains the iff files for the pcd and other objects. The objects are included in the serverobjects.lua files. Anyone know why this is happening? Did something change with the core recently?

Here is the PCD file for reference that I am getting the error on (one of all the files)

{Removed the comments}

object_intangible_vehicle_barc_speeder_pcd = object_intangible_vehicle_shared_barc_speeder_pcd:new {
customName = "Barc Speeder",

ObjectTemplates:addTemplate(object_intangible_vehicle_barc_speeder_pcd, "object/intangible/vehicle/barc_speeder_pcd.iff")