BMFont to SWG inc converter AKA Font tools


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Oct 11, 2010
there are 3 tools in this repo 2 converters and one generator.
the converters convert bmfont .fnt define files to swg inc format one is a batch converter.
start by generating the font sheets with bmfont i used these settings

now swg requires more than one size of fonts to work the more sizes the better it will look.

that is the default list for English.

when naming files please follow this convention  [name of font]_[bold/italic]_[size]. I use meiryo_12 for 12px Meiryo font and use meiryo_bold_12 for the bold version in 12px, my converter sadly at this time needs this naming.

this is a list of fonts i generated with bmfont
move all the dds files into the "SWGEmu/texture/font" folder, in my case i had 1026 dds file at a total of 256MB

next use either uifontconverter or BatchUIFontConverter to convert files to swg inc format.

i chose to put my inc files in "SWGEmu/ui/font/j7" j7 will be the locale code swg will use to identify my fonts

next i use SWGUITextStyleGenerator to generate the

it gets saved in the "SWGEmu/ui" folder

lastly all you have to do is go into options.cfg in the "SWGEmu"folder and add 2 or 3 lines

    defaultLocale=ja #defaultLocale is en for English or ja for Japanese
    fontLocale=j7 #this is what you chose for your locale earlier
now run SWGEmu to test

here is default japanese font for swg