Borrie's "/tool" Command - Featuring The Jawa Toolbox Object Syncing command


Borrie BoBaka
Mar 16, 2014
Link to the Pastebin:

Hello there! I am always trying to find ways to make life easy as possible when developing anything for SWGEmu. A few years ago, around the time The Jawa Toolbox was being developed, I was working on commands to make manipulation of furniture, items, and what-have-you much easier in the world for decoration, design, and othersuch. I created this command to help give me greater accessibility and quality of life changes when doing such tedious and difficult tasks.

If you've ever used The Jawa Toolbox, you'll also know it features an ability to send the coordinates of the object you're editing to the clipboard with the form of a command. This was actually made to use this command to allow you to move server objects (as an admin or privileged person) instead of just snapshot objects. If you integrate this command into your server, designers can utilize TJT to decorate houses, cities, and other elements. By adjusting the permissions, you can allow players to use this functionality. Players will only ever be able to move what you want them to move, as this is more or less a more complex form of the "/move" command.

Recommended only for Admins

This version of the rotate command ignores whether or not you are inside or outside, and can even rotate targeted structures.

Recommended only for Admins

This version of the move command ignores whether or not you are inside or outside, and can even move targeted structures.

Takes in the generated command from The Jawa Toolbox and sets the position of your target to its new location as set in TJT. This sync's the location of the object up with TJT's view, allowing you to use TJT as a decorating tool using scene objects that are in the server, rather than just snapshot objects.

Recommended only for Admins

The face command allows you to make yourself, or your targeted object face a certain direction, or compass direction. Ever wanted to ensure you were moving your object on the exact axis, without wanting to have a chair nearby to sit down in to align yourself with the world? This command will do it for you!

Recommended only for Admins

Similar to the move command and the TJT command, this will move an object to a particular set of coordinates, allowing you to have a finer control exactly where an object is, as the traditional move command only changes the location of an object in single integers. Unlike a normal teleport command, 'TP' only moves an object along one axis, which means you can fine tune one particular position without having to memorize and enter the other two axes every time you want to adjust a position. One such use for this command would be to place everything in one location, and then progressively set the X axis of every object to their own position, effectively creating a line of that object.

Recommended only for Admins

This command teleports you to the exact location of your target, and makes you face the direction it is facing. This allows you to have precise movement on where one object is.

Link to the Pastebin:

Some of the outdated code has been adapted to work with SWGEmu Core3 as of August 2020. It has not been compiled as of this posting, as I intended to release this years ago, but never got around to it. I wanted to get it out there ASAP so others who might be interested in it can use it. If you encounter a crash or a build error and you're not sure how to fix it, please post your error here and I will try to correct it. I do not intend to maintain this code forever, though. After a certain time, and its been confirmed to compile at least once, I will stop offering support to fix it. It isn't complex code, however, so a newer programmer should be able to address any problems.

Installation of this command requires a change to the command datatable in your TRE, and inclusion into the CommandManager in your existing code. I will not be providing a tutorial in implementing that at this time.

Special Thanks:
Timbab, for including the clipboard functionality into The Jawa Toolbox
Tatwi, for certain snippets of code from Legends of Hondo that were used to learn the commands necessary to make some functionality of this command.
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