Chemical Extractors to Oil drilling machines


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Apr 19, 2017
Let's face it, the chemical extractors kinda suck, and I'd love to drive around and see oil drilling stations instead. I'm not sure how to do moving things (or textures for that matter) but I'd be happy to help with a 3D model.

Borrie BoBaka

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Mar 16, 2014
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ClientData files handle the moving parts of the harvesters. We know there's at least one component that goes up and down, and another that spins. We can control the speed and distance they'll do either of these things. The question is, however, can you make something do both?

Essentially, there is a base model that handles the non-moving portion of the harvester. This is the model that is used for the installation itself. Then, for every moving part, there is another model. The attached CDF file in the Object file of the installation defines every single one of these child models that move. Looking at the CHLD node in the "clientdata/installation/client_shared_power_generator_wind_style_1.cdf" file, it appears that the definitions for spin and movement are in the same node. So it may be possible to have a component that goes up and down while spinning, creating a drill.

As for textures, you can simply cheat. If you're able to model and unwrap the model appropriately, we can just use existing textures from the game to create the textures. This will maintain visual synchronicity with the rest of the game.
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