Collection of miscellaneous, unasked questions

Jun 7, 2016
Hey everyone,

I want to make a little bit of a "megapost" of some questions I've been having as I've been working on my own little SWGEmu project for a couple friends and I. Things are working super well and I'm getting the hang of it, but I do have some questions that I either never have seen asked or saw explained in a guide. (It's possible I overlooked something, so just point me to it.)

I figure that rather than sit here for hours reinventing the wheel, so to speak, it'd be best to fire off some seemingly small questions while I work and passively gather information from people who know the ins and outs of the server far more than I do. Maybe this could be a little compendium of info for people with some more obscure questions? Anyway, onto the questions.

1) Considering the server is going to be super small, I don't mind the lag issue of players placing items directly into public structures by walking in and /setpermission admin <playername>. However - I was wondering if anyone had any other solution to this. From what I understand, if I were to go into the files for the buildings themselves and place an item, say, a terminal, it would appear in all iterations of that building. That would be fine with me. Just some way to regulate ownership and add maintenance tax, basically. Would it be as simple as getting coords inside the building and adding in a structure terminal?

2) On a related note... How exactly do I get the coords to place an object into a structure like that? I saw in the MTG server files, some houses (like the Mustafarian Bunker) come with banking terminals and the like. So how can I get those coords specific to the building I'm standing in, and not the coords of just where I am on the planet? I'd like to add bank terminals to all the forms of housing, so this is pretty important to me. I get how it's being added, just not how those building-specific coords are obtained. I'd like to use this method as well for placing healing and buffing terminals in places like cantinas and medical centers.

3) Again, slightly related to #1. So I tested the /setpermission admin command, and it works as expected. However... I don't know how to undo it. I can't find the arguments for the command or a way to remove the permission. Repeating the command just says I can't remove myself as an admin of this structure.

4) Has anyone ever partly implemented flight between starports? Not JTL or any kind of space flight, I just mean getting a ship to at least make traveling to different planets. It would make for a great late-game addition to my server, especially since I don't see a way to travel to the added planets from MTG's server repo via shuttles at starports.

5) Similarly, has anyone added the Instant Travel Vehicle to a server?

6) I know others have done it, but I want to have a full 255 color palette for all items on my server. If anyone has the .pal files and could just send them my way, I'd really really appreciate the shortcut.

7) Rotating houses. Since my server allows building in the major cities (and well, everywhere) a lot of the cities are not exactly straight in like with the compass directions you get with player-owned houses. Is there a way to either change the rotation to go in 45 degree increments, or even just manually rotate player homes through admin commands?

8) There are beta wound terminals placed in a couple houses, including the Mustafarian Bunker. I haven't seen how they work because I've just been doing some light testing as I work on the server, but I'd like to add the ability to pay via buffs (similar to Tatwi's code on the Hondo server with his buff terminal). I can't seem to find where in the files, however, where I can edit what this specific terminal does and add on to it. I suppose I can just create a new terminal, but I figured it'd be okay to just expand onto this one that's already in some of the houses.

9) Finally... I haven't really gotten to play with the MTG server much yet, so I was wondering how the new items were implemented. A lot of the NGE items have loot groups and whatnot in the folders that I can see, but are these items currently added to enemies as loot drops or is that something that needs to be configured manually? I don't mind either way, I was just curious how the new items can be obtained (crafting, loot, etc) or if I need to add that to my to-do list.

Whew. That was a lot of questions and I don't expect them all answered, but if anyone can chime in and help me out with some of them, I'd appreciate that. In the meantime of course I'll continue poking around and figuring things out as I go, but I thought maybe asking questions to both learn from people who already went through this trouble AND help anyone else who may want to know the same things.

I'm kind of shy (and feeling pretty bad) asking so many questions but I figured asking would save the frustration of trial and error when there are probably already people who already figured it all out, haha. Thanks for reading!