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Aug 30, 2010
Greetings MTG followers!

The emulator is drawing closer and closer to completion and although we can never really estimate when the day will finally come, we can clearly see just how fantastic of a job the developers are doing and in terms of what we see in-game things are starting to look and feel pretty damn close. For this reason, regardless of how long we have left to wait, we feel the time is ideal to begin supporting content developers here at MTG.

We have already seen this beginning within the community recently and that just reinforces the need. The creation of things beyond just simple client-side mods is something we always intended to support. This is something we are very happy to see happening already and hope to see much more of it in the future. To make this future a reality we have done a complete restructure of the forums to accommodate content creation as well as reducing some clutter and redundancies.

The restructure includes the following changes:

- Removed emulator news sections. (They weren't being used anyway)
- Tweaked all board names.
- Renamed General Modding to Modding Discussion.
- Merged Requests into Modding Discussion.
- Added content creation category with appropriate forums.
- Added staff forums.

There are many server communities out there who plan on making custom changes to their gameplay, for some it may be minor tweaks while others might go down a more radical route. We are striving to be a unified place where people can share their creations, whether it be a fully functional package covering the client and server, just pure artwork or perhaps even a piece of literature which could be used for a quest chain. If all goes well and the community is as great as they have been thus far, we hope to have a reasonably large library of content available for future servers to pick and choose from when the time comes.

We have tried to cover all aspects of content creation, but to further organize things we have introduced many new thread prefixes to reflect the current status of a mod or content submission. These were available previously and we encouraged people to make use of them. Simply label your submissions appropriately based on their current development status. To begin with we will not be formally enforcing these tags, we do however expect you to use them and may eventually begin enforcing them with warnings.

This is an exciting time and we're looking forward to seeing some real gems posted in the new sections. This update was actually part of a larger plan and was intended to come with a full overhaul of the site. It has become clear however that the restructure was desperately needed so for now this can be considered part one of the update.
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