Could not open chunk

Dec 20, 2012
Hi everyone, 

I need your help. With last update of swgemu:;a=commit;h=9fd18254aa11fd0ddf70ecb51710fe606b72f04f

[Added] libcore3pathfinding static library
[Added] Dynamic navmesh rebuild
[Added] NavmeshRegion type
[Added] NavMeshManager to handle rebuilding of navmeshes
[Changed] CityRegion to automatically create it's own NavMeshRegion
[Added] Navmesh generation to faction bases
[Added] "NavAreas" to planet_manager.lua for defining static navmeshregions
[Added] Client path markers to /find command
[Added] Proper WorldToWorld and WorldToCell pathfinding
[Refactor] Appearance templates to load data necessary for navmesh creation
[Added] BoundingVolume classes to load SOE defined extents
[Added] enableNavMeshUpdates to lua templates
[Fixed] ClientPath showing arrow at end of path
[Fixed] /find clear as well as deleting the waypoint will remove the client path
[Fixed] ClientPath no longer drawn outside of city bounds
All house NGE don't work and cause crash of server. When I start server, I have this error:

[font=Whitney,](64 s) [PortalLayout] ERROR - unable to parse file appearance/ply_all_bespin_house.pob
   Loading player structures [146] / [?]    (68 s) [IffStream appearance/ply_all_sail_barge.pob] ERROR - Could not open chunk:[1347572812] expecting [1179603533]![/font]
and ect for all house NGE. I have used sytner Editor for watch: ply_all_sail_barge.pob

I have watch this file and for me only difference it's: pre-cu begining with 003 and NGE files with 005, but swgemu contains this options:

[size=small][font=Whitney,] 100                 if (type != '0003' && type != '0004') {
101                         StringBuffer stream;
102                         stream << "invalid PROTO type 0x" << hex << type;
103                         error(stream);[/font]
I have no idea how to fix that. Someone can be help me ?


Staff member
Sep 18, 2010
I replied to your SWGEmu post - more likely one of the server devs will pick it up there and add support :).