Editing the wiki


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Aug 29, 2010
Hi everyone!

Just an update on how the wiki now works concerning user accounts and editing.

Firstly I have reactivated the ability for registered users to edit the wiki, I have not included a CAPTCHA because I'm hoping that it won't be necessary but I will be monitoring the wiki very closely for spam activity over the next week.

Secondly, I have installed a plugin on the wiki that requires all user registrations to be confirmed by an administrator prior to being granted editing permissions. The process for this is as follows:
  • Upon creating an account your account will be submitted the the review queue.
  • Your account will be confirmed by an administrator (if it's not confirmed within 24 hours then PM me)
  • You will be sent a confirmation email which will include a temporary password.
  • Upon logging into the wiki for the first time (using the temporary password sent to your email address) you will be asked to change your password, at this stage you may set your password to one of your preference.
  • You may now edit the wiki!

If you have previously created an account prior to 12/12/11 you do not need to take any action to edit.

Hopefully this will alleviate any spam we've been experiencing on the wiki but as I said I will be keeping an eye out!
Sep 1, 2010
Well, Davin, I'm not really sure how many folks are actually editing the wiki, aside from you and I. However, I'm studying the MediaWiki markup and style guides, and making some template messages (like Wikipedia's 'This article requires cleanup' messages), specifically for the file types areas. I intend to mark every filetype with descriptions of what we need and how people can help us get it. I'm thinking if we can make the Wiki user-experience a little more polished, we'll be able to draw some otherwise knowledgeable folks in to help us shed light on those grey-area file types.
Aug 30, 2010
Finally! That's the way it should've been from the beginning, nice work.
Omg it's Charina! Tbh you're one of the few you can bring something new to the wiki, but we need people like you. :D