Finding your SWGEmu/ANH Directory

Aug 30, 2010
Launchpad Enhanced (LPE)

1. Start the LPE
2. Click on options, a new window appears
3. At the top, next to Emu Location, is the location of your SWG Emulator.

Searching your Hard Drive

1. Open Windows Explorer by using the WINDOWS + E keys.
2. Press CTRL+F to start the search.
3. Type SWGEmu.exe or SWGANH.exe into the field, depending on the Emulator you are currently using.
4. Press Enter.
5. Wait a moment until a search result shows up.
6. Right click on the search result (you may get more than one result if you have multiple installations of the same Emulator ).
7. In the context menu that pops up, select Open file location.
8. Windows Explorer will now open a new window with the directory your SWG Emulator is installed in.
9. Look at the address bar to know the location of your Emulator.

(Feel free to edit the guide if needed)
- Edit 1 (Timbab):

SWGEmu Launchpad

First of all, you'll want to open your Launchpad and click 'Options' in the top left corner:

Once you've clicked on Options, you should see this Popup:

Now, if you look at 'SWGEmu Folder', you will see the exact directory that Launchpad uses to launch your game, ie the SWG directory that contains your SWGEmu.exe and your .tre files. Make sure not to use my path (H:\SWGEmu\SWGEmuTest), as I created it myself, just follow the two simple steps above to find yours.

To end, here is a quick practical guide to installing a mod, now that we know of our correct SWGEmu.exe path, I'll use my Large Font Mod as an example.

If you'd have downloaded the mod above and followed its install instructions, you'd end up with a 'ui' directory that would need to be installed, or placed into your SWGEmu.exe directory, which in my case, as you can see above, is H:\SWGEmu\SWGEmuTest, so, to install the ui directory, you'd simply need to place it exactly there, in the end looking something like H:\SWGEmu\SWGEmuTest\ui. It's that simple, once you know where it goes. :)