Forum Reshuffle


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Aug 29, 2010
I've just made a few changes to the layout of the forums.

Firstly, I've removed all Star Wars: The Old Republic forums. Not only were they barely used (if at all) but I've yet to see any significant progress towards modding the game besides that which is supported by Bioware already. Instead of completely removing the old SWTOR General forum, I've turned it into an off-topic forum, where the previous posts remain and discussion can continue on that topic or any others (usual expectations as far as maturity and upholding of the rules still apply).

I have also removed the SWGEmu and SWGANH News forums, where previously the intention was to repost news articles from the various emulator websites, this seems quite redundant where a user can just go to the website to read it for themselves and so these have been turned into links. I considered removing them entirely but I think it better to link over to our friends whatever they may be emulating.

ANH and ProjectSWG
You may have noticed one other change in addition to the above in that instead of an SWG:ANH link there is a ProjectSWG link. Recently ANH announced that they were halting the project for the foreseeable future (original news post) and as such I saw no purpose in adding to the amount of space taken up in our forum for a website that will most likely not have any major updates for some time. This is not to be misunderstood. Mod the Galaxy is a non-biased, neutral website that supports all efforts to bring back SWG in any form, this is simply logistical sense :)

One emulator project that is emerging out of the woodwork (it celebrated its first anniversary quite recently) is ProjectSWG. For those that don't know ProjectSWG is the NGE emulator project. Now, regardless of whether or not you like/dislike the thought of an NGE emulator it is still important that this website supports it. Whilst there are differences between the NGE and Pre-CU clients, the processes behind modding them remain essentially the same. Because of this it makes sense to cater to all aspects of SWG modding in one place and being the only website still in existence today that was unafraid to cater to SWG emulator modding from the start it makes sense that we continue that support of the emulator community and the SWG community in general. Specific forums for NGE modding will be considered when ProjectSWG has a public release.

From one project to another the final addition to the forums today is the addition of a "Projects" category and its first tenant the "Project Perfection" forum. When a project to mod SWG gains a lot of interest it can sometimes be too much for just one thread on a forum and so because MtG likes to support modders in any way we can we will set up a forum for your project when this happens. So welcome the first project that this has happened to: Project Perfection! Project Perfection plans to graphically overhaul SWG and give it a sparkly new coat of paint (which after nine years I think it needs!)

And that's everything, I hope you all like the semi-new layout and as always if you find any problems with the site please don't hesitate to contact me!