Galactic War (Version 2)


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Jun 11, 2015
High level, what we are looking to create is a player driven content system that gives hardcore players larger game goals to pursue while incentivizing them to utilize other players in their ambitions.

To do this, one must first create a set of goals tiered by their impact on the galaxy.

Local Goals
Planetary Goals
Galactic Goals

Jabba the Hutt would be a planetary achiever, seeking control of Tatooine and using other people to accomplish and maintain his position.

In order to achieve this, players must be given more agency in terms of content creation and reward of ownership of it.

(((Might be best to keep this strictly a republic and empire thing….so player cities could work together. The only issue is of players entering combat with NPCs. Either increase the power of NPC troops to mitigate the impact of player fighters…..or restrict players at all from engaging directly)))

STAGE 1 - Local

Local Goals - Player City and maintaining control of surrounding areas. Currently SWG handles this fairly well, but it can be improved.

To enhance the gameplay of running a player city, I propose an optional NPC battle objective which rewards a city owner with a decent amount of credits during each weekly city update if conditions are met and a special type of experience for the mayor (allowing them to climb up the objectives tree)


A “city database” object would be spawned outside of the city halls in player cities. Special NPCs would be able to attack this object and the goal would be to protect the city from hostiles during the week.

Essentially the mechanics would be every X amount of time X number of NPCs spawn outside of the borders of the city and begin marching inward towards the point. Players and city NPCs would have to defeat them.


To assist player cities in defending against attacks (especially while offline), players would be able to create city NPCs that are KOS to the attacking types.

As a city levels up through the local goals ranks, the attacks become more challenging and requires more players and / or NPCs to keep the database safe.



STAGE 2 - Planetary

After a player city has engaged with the local system and made it through the ranks…..they will become a planetary contender.

As a planetary contender, their cities will no longer be attacked by random NPCS (none would dare at this point)....

Instead, the cities databases become attackable by other player cities NPCs as the planet becomes a stage for a SWG version of a real time strategy game. NPC cities on the planet also have a database which can be captured for additional planetary control points.

City mayors (or any militia) would then be able to place troops inside their own city borders and input a waypoint to have them begin marching towards the location (which means you must find the other players cities, if you do not know where it is).

As the troops are generated by a player, they also belong to that player ….and are able to be issued new location points if you are near them. These troops are attackable by wildlife, so you can send off groups to walk on their own…..or you can guide them (creating interesting situations for player commanders to lead assaults from different directions….scouting the enemies defenses and picking new attack angles).

Keep in mind that players can not attack other players NPCs (as it would trivialize the battles when the other side is offline).

These troops would be expensive to make (created with crates of weapons and armor and droid parts) it isn’t something to casually throw away.

At the end of each week, the city with the most planetary control points would gain EXP and other bonuses.



At this stage players are able to send their troops to other planets to capture points or assist allies (and, if they take the planet, they get the perks of that planet in addition to their own).

Super guilds would be forced to consider where their defenses are stationed and where to attack… supporting a galactic war would be an extreme exhaustion of resources.