Game crashes

Aug 30, 2010
Taken from ModSource and edited to reflect the version of SWG

Client side modifications are known to often cause problems and crashes with the game.
You are using them at your own risk.

If you are or were using any modifications and experience crashes, do not go to the SWGEmu or SWGANH forums or contact the STAFF/Developers.
Client side modifications are not supported by SWGEmu/SWGANH and thus you won't get help when using mods.

If your game crashes, uninstall your mods and completely remove all files from any mods and restart the game again. If the game doesn't crash anymore after that, the problem most likely stems from a modification.
In case there are no traces from any mods left and the game still crashes, you can use the LPE to try and fix your game.

To do that follow this short guide.

1. Start the LPE
2. Click on options
3. In the Repair Options section choose one of the three repair modes.

Note: Fast Repair will delete everything except the TRE files and redownload the needed files from the server, Complete Repair will delete EVERYTHING from your SWG Emulator folder and redownload everything from the server (Only needed if the TRE files are corrupt), Config Repair will delete the Config files (cfg) and redownload them from the server.

4. Wait for the download to finish, you can now Launch your game again.

Though painstaking, the best way to find out what mod is crashing your game is to add them back, one by one and restarting the game after each addition.

The most common kinds of mods to cause crashes (in my experience) are:

UI mods.
To some extent, Appearance mods.

The least common mods to cause crashes:

- Palette mods (In some cases theese can cause crashes, but it is rare)
- Sound/Music mods (unless they are saved in the wrong format to begin with)
- Texture mods. (Textures virtually never crash the game, unless they are saved in the wrong format to begin with)

(Feel free to edit the guide if needed)