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Feb 13, 2012
Please note this is WIP and am busy IRL (Moving house ATM), but will add to it as I get more time:)

Editing the Terrain File.

For those wishing to add new planets and cannot wait for Sytner's World Builder to be released, there is plenty you can do to make the existing eleven (I'm counting Taanab here) planets almost unrecognisable from the original unaltered versions. OFC you can take an existing .trn and snapshot and rename them to your new planet name and add a completely new planet.

To do this, we need to edit the .trn file. So with this in mind we first need to find out what's actually in the file that you can alter. Well.... pretty much everything.

Firstly, the usual disclaimer lol.
This is a WIP project and although I'm working on it I don't yet fully understand all of the complexities of the terrain file, but it's enough to get people started and produce something (if they put a little effort in), that can be used in game. Sytner (or anybody else), If you see any glaring errors, or have a better explanation, please feel free to jump in and help with the guide:)..... Please.... Please!

So Firstly a bit of background that WILL help to understand how the terrain file works.

Background - Interesting and informative.
Patent - Read this.... I dare you, you'll be an expert for sure!

What you will need.

SIE with all the templates, especially the trn one. (If you don't have the templates, you won't be able to edit some things).

The TRN File Contents.

Above is the endor.trn with the six major families minimised to show the groups. I'll break them down then go into a little more detail for each section. Then a more detailed guide after.

SGRP - Shader Group

These are the surface shaders that are used for the erm.... surface of the planet, including walls, cliffs, floor etc. They are found in the .tre's in /shader.

These can be changed at will to retexture the floor. Look in the tre's at the different shaders to see how many different types can be used.

FGRP - Flora Group

These are the mainly appearance files for the collidable and non-collidable flora and fauna used on a planet. Also included in this section are the particle files used for the planets particle effects like fog, butterflies, birds and other things you often see running around the floor etc. Found in /appearance.

RGRP - Radial Group

These are the non-collidable radial flora and fauna that you see swaying on the floor, like grass, small ferns and plants, mushrooms etc. Found in /shader.



LYRS - Layer Group

This is for altering terrain layout, such as adding flat areas, paths. You can also add/clear areas for vegetation, height changes etc.

More to come......Promise:)
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