[Guide - Content] Setting Up Your Client For Development or Modding


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Feb 13, 2012
I'm just posting this as folks still ask or are unaware of some of the points contained here.

There are not too many differencies between a normal client and one used for development. One thing to remember is to not use any client mods (unless you REALLY know what you are doing), as they may lead to inaccurate results when working on a project. Mainly there are a few file "tweaks" and some extra commands you can use.

**Important Note**

If you use windows notepad to open/edit these files, make sure that you save it correctly as a .cfg file. Notepad can quietly change the suffix to .txt if you have the "hide file extenstions for known file types" box checked in the folder options menu in windows explorer causing them not to work correctly.

Add the following to the client's user.cfg file.

This allows multiple instances on one computer.

This allows you to get debug information like x,y,z, cellid, .iff info etc when you /examine an object in-game.

0fd345d9 = true
This enables access to in-game admin commands (if you have the appropriate admin level set on your account).

For detailed world information in-game press:


This brings up an information box on-screen with all the info you could need for placing spawns or items including X, Y, Z coords, object rotation and CellID etc.

Two other useful commands for obtaining world or object information are:

/dumpTargetInformation (/dumpT)

/dumpZoneInformation (/dumpZ)

Both print to your screen and you also receive an email with the same information. Very useful when placing objects or buildings etc