Happy New Year!


Staff member
Aug 29, 2010
In keeping with the tradition I seem to have created for myself last year, I am once again a day late in wishing you all a happy new year :D

So to talk a little about the past year and the coming one! Last year we said we were going to bring you a front-end for the site, in case anyone was wondering about that we decided against it since the forums/discussion of modding are the main focus of the site, we didn't want to distract from this with a front-end (especially since few people would probably use it :p)

We did last year promise to bring you a dedicated downloads section where you can upload your mods and other things and host them right here on the site. As hopefully you know, we've kept this promise and the section exists for all your uploading needs! I will probably address this in separate post but nobody is really using it and I want to know why! :p

Our little community here at MtG has remained fairly steady over the past year, it's great to see the same faces still around and also to see a couple of new ones! I would like to increase usage of the site a little bit though and maybe foster some discussion for non-modders so that maybe they may get an interest in it themselves! Perhaps a future ideas forum or something along those lines, what do you think? It's also been great to see you all linking over to here on the SWGEmu site be it with download links or links to threads, it all generates traffic and interest in the site and modding in general! :D

So that's pretty much it! I'm interested to hear your opinions on getting more users to the site and the download section but other than that I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I hope your year will be awesome!

Happy New Year! :D