Help finding Krayt Skull model please!


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Mar 13, 2015
Thanks for any help in advance!

I've just gotten into messing with some of the files for the game, and I finally learned how to export the MSH and MGN files. I plan do do some minor editing to them for the sake of 3D printing. I have quite a lot of prop items and armor sets so far, but I'm really trying to track down where the flle is for the Krayt Dragon skull (the one everyone used to put a chair inside the mouth of). Can anyone let me know how to find/export it?

I found an IFF file when browsing with SIE, but I have no clue how to convert IFF info into an MSH or MGN. Can anyon elet mw know if I'm getting close, or where else I can look for the skull? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
You've got the IFF file, that's a start!

You'll need to work your way through through the connected files to find the MSH file for the Krayt Skull. For some understanding on how these files are connected to one another I suggest checking out HelmedRaven's Painting guide. Paintings lack an LOD, which the Krayt Skull has, but it will give you an idea of the file types. We are going to work in reverse, starting with the IFF and working out way to the MSH.

IFF >> APT >> LOD >> MSH >> SHT >> DDS
(You don't need the last two)

Start by opening SIE and navigating to Krayt skull IFF: object/tangible/loot/quest/shared_frn_quest_krayt_skull_01.iff

Hard Way:
(But informative)
Open the IFF file in the Editor (double click).

Scroll through the chunks in the upper left window section to STOT >> SHOT >> 0007. Then click through (or use the up and down arrow keys) to navigate until you find a chunk with the templates value of appearanceFilename with the value of appearance/poi_tato_skel_krayt_head_s01.apt


Appearance is the folder, poi_tato_skel_krayt_head_s01 is the file name.

Navigate to the "appearance" folder in the Repository window of SIE and then search for "poi_tato_skel_krayt_head_s01" and hit enter. (No quotes) Double click on the poi_tato_skel_krayt_head_s01.apt file to open it in the editor.

To get the lod is easy, the appearance file has only one chunk called "NAME," click on it. On the right will be the value appearance/lod/poi_tato_skel_krayt_head_s01.lod

Go to the appearance/lod folder in the repository and search for poi_tato_skel_krayt_head_s01

(Paste the text in the box at the bottom and hit "Enter" on your keyboard)

One thing to note is that some files will retain their naming scheme from the appearance, so once you have the name of the apt file, you can just go straight to the appearance/mesh and search for it.

The LOD file is what connects the different level of details for each model. For your purpose, you just want the l0 msh (Highest level of detail) You can find this under DTLA >> 0007 >> DATA >> CHLD (last child). MeshID is 3, Mesh is mesh/poi_tato_skel_krayt_head_s01_l0.msh

My handwriting is garbage with a mouse. (j/k, it's just garbage in general)

Go to the appearance/mesh folder and search for poi_tato_skel_krayt_head_s01_l0 and then Extract the file.

That should be all you need. If you want the texture file, use the above steps to locate the Shader, then also locate the Texture DDS file.

Easy Way:
In SIE, right click on the IFF file in re Repository. Select "Extract Chain." Choose a folder, then hit "OK." Your computer may now die for a little bit as it extracts all the connected files. (Pretty intensive)

Go to the location you extracted the files. Go to the appearance folder, then the mesh folder. Look for the _l0 mesh file. That's the highest level of detail mesh file for that model.

Extract Chain doesn't always work and sometimes dies a terrible death

Side Note:
When looking for an IFF file, something that can make life really easy is to search the SWGEmu repo. (or MTG for NGE / CU stuff). I searched for "krayt skull" and it was the second result.


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Mar 13, 2015
Thank you SO much for explaining it such awesome detail. I really appreciate the step by step guide, but also giving me a better understanding of how and why it works! I shall put your advice to good use!
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