Honour mod pack changed my main character's species


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Mar 27, 2020
Hello all,
My first post here to report something strange that happened once the honour mod pack has been installed on my basic swgemu (basilisk) installation.
I had a bothan as my main character, along with a trando and a human.
After the installation i didn't noticed anything special by looking at the character selection list. My Bothan was equipped with a helmet.
But once logged in, and after having played a bit , i had to remove his helmet. What was displayed was a Rodian instead of the original Bothan.
I thought it was a mod problem, displaying for some reason a wrong species.
I had a backup of my initial installation. I deleted the honour one , renamed the backup folder with the name setup in the launcher and started the game with what was supposed to be the standard swgemu game files.
The Rodian was still there, despite the rollback with the backup.
I thought it could have been something changed in the system registry or in the launcher folder.
Anyway, to be sure i could launch an untouched version i launched the game from my laptop where an older version was installed.
Same problem. A Rodian instead of a Bothan and by looking the skills and specific bonus, all was related to a Rodian, language species bonus etc.
that's where i think that, by a means i don't know, something has been changed on server side. Not from the client remained untouched (laptop).
Sorry for this long thread but, having opened a support ticket to the dev , they said it was the fault of my client that i would have to re-install with an original game copy, that i don't have anymore. And they maintain that it cannot be on the server.
Anyone else having the same issue?


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Apr 19, 2017
My advice, never install mod packs. Only install mods from the ORIGINAL mod author. You don't know what 3rd parties put in mod packs.


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Feb 13, 2012
Interested to know where you downloaded the modpack.

Useful info for anyone else having issues or considering installing the same.

Also, Alge's advice is sound here.


Always backup your client before installing.

It's easy enough to just delete the client and reinstall, but would be good to highlight dodgy mods.


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Apr 3, 2020
Interested to know where you downloaded the modpack.
I would guess it was here: https://www.reddit.com/r/swgemu/comments/b2adrc
I installed this to try and get my ui into a usable state, but im having a problem with some of my jedi skills playing in Inifinity. The icons are all the same and im digging around trying to find how to get is back to normal. Probaly end up installing from scratch but I really like a lot of the things in the pack and IDK if I can find it all through here. Any advice appreciated.