Hot bar ability ranks and icon clean up for the new PPUI

Mar 26, 2015

So one of the things I jump back to time to time is the hotbar. How to make it more pleasing to the eye and what exactly can I do to better utilize one of the coolest in game features most people dont know about. On your hotbar, ranks of abilities are listed, whether you knew about it or not. By default all abilities that have ranks 1/2/3 are actually showing you which rank. Didnt know? Well check it out. (click the picture, its much larger than in the thread)

So the plan will be to implement something texture wise (since Im working on a new release of pixel perfect UI) so that you can easily see and know at a glance which rank of which ability you are using. I also plan on redoing all of the icons. I will be matching the current in game icons look but a tad more updated. Not really changing anything just making it cleaner.

I might do something as simple as adding a symbol. While this is not ideal I wanted to see exactly how it played out in all of the different templates, so I might do something like i did on this compass

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