How to Speed up Loadtimes [Emu/ANH]


Staff member
Aug 31, 2010
- [SWGEmu] In LPE, go to "game options".
- [SWGANH] Find your ANH directory (usually in program files) and open the exe something along the lines of clientsetup (I don't have ANH installed yet since I lost all my PC data a few days ago.)
- Click on "Advanced" tab.
- Check "Disable World Preloading"
- Check "Disable File Caching"
- Close.

Simply put, the effects this has on the game is to only load the snapshot/etc when you are closer to it, which will give you a bit of hardly noticeable lag when travelling.

File caching is to prevent everything from being stored in the game's cache IFF, which as you play will make the game a bit faster overall.