Idea: Interconnected Server Chat


Borrie BoBaka
Mar 16, 2014
I didn't neccesarily know where to put this, but I wanted to record the idea for future purposes. It's not neccesarily a mod, but it does concern custom servers in SWGEmu.

Essentially I concieved of an idea to have an interconnected general chat across all custom servers that wanted to participate. The idea is to help further break down barriers between servers in an effort to help players try out other servers, and experience the myriad of custom content that is being produced individually, Emu-wide.

The execution is simple in theroy, but may have potential roadblocks.

Essentially, every server has a Discord bot that connects a channel to a Discord server, like many already have. This bot, however, connects to a shared Discord server that is being used simultaneously by several other bots on other servers.

What this effectively allows, is a channel in every server being able to communicate, from in-game, with players in other servers, effectively bridging those gaps and keeping in contact with friends even if you're playing on another server.

Something did come to mind though. What if someone rowdy from one server causes trouble for those on another server? We may need a custom bot for this that allows a server owner to perhaps block certain names from certain servers should that occur. I'm sure there's more to it that someone smarter than me could figure out, but that is one possible solution to that problem.

I'd love to hear what others thought of the idea, and would love to see it implemented one day.